Saturday, July 19, 2008

How did I achieve my CCNA certificate

I achieved my CCNA by passing the fast-track 640-802.

When you start to prepare for the CCNA exam, you have to make a studying program. If your studying is random, then you will not pass it for your life.

I made this program for myself, and I stuck to it:

-- I studied continuously for 51 days.

-- I started with Chris Bryant video course (TrainSignal). With 10 hours of studying a day, I was able to finish this course with 17 days, including the labs.

-- After that, I begun with the Cisco Press, and finished it with 12 days. (17+12=29)

-- After finishing Cisco Press, I begun studying Jeremy's course (CBT Nuggets), I finished with 17 days, I consider this course a review. (29+17=46).

-- I toke 3 days for rest. (46+3=49).

-- One day before the exam for registration. (49+1=50).

-- One day for the exam. (50+1=51).

By the way, I have my own lab, I don't have to rent a rack remotely. I have built my own lab for preparation for the CCNA exam, and upgraded it to help myself passing CCIE.

Finally, I passed the exam (640-802) with 947 points.

Now, I am preparing for the CCIE, I was planning to do the CCNP first, but, I decided finally to achieve the CCIE directly.

My best wishes to you all ;-)

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