Sunday, October 11, 2009

A poll to launch new project!

Hi all,

We are in need to your vote, we intend to launch a new project that is Vyatta based, i.e. a fork of Vyatta.

Like pfSense that was a fork of monowall, then got a very wider perspective, we intend to widen the Vyatta Community edition. We need as much votes as possible, so do not hesitate to vote.

The goals of the project is to extend the usability of VC and tie break the limitations of VC edition. Delay in releasing updates, subscription only editions, and similar limitations that make us frustrated sometimes.

The project will managed so features implemented are not those requested by customers, rather they will be what requested by the community.

PPPoE server, Captive portal, Cisco like access lists to manage traffic matches, VRF, and so on, all those features and many more are requested by the community, but they will not be implemented, unless they get a room in the developers priority list. We want to be more initiative, and do more, and I believe that this project will help Vyatta team a lot, it will provide them with free tests, a whole bunch of new features every while, features that are developed/tested by the community, so it will not take any of their time except time required for integration in the original project, just like Fedora and RedHat.

I hope this poll get filled with your invaluable votes, and I hope the project be a big help for all parties.



PS: You can find the poll on the right of the page. Good luck :)


edong23 said...

another, fairly easily implemented feature would be the juniper-like roll back feature. Im for this, however i have no experience with perl. i do know some people that do.

Laith Z. Ghazi said...

First of all, if we want to start the project, we should convince people to vote... Or let them know at least about this idea.

After that all features that are requested by the community will be implemented by the developers. We have to find them once we gain popularity.